Handyman Services

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Ace Hardware of Norwich, Middletown and Rocky Hill have been trusted by our communities dating back to 1912.

In addition to being the helpful hardware people we are also the handy people!

If you can’t fix it, we’ll fix it for you. Call us for a FREE estimate.

Our owner/operator, is also a licensed General Contractor and we have full time trained handymen who can fix anything.

Phone:  (860) 625-1014
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax:  (860) 574-9363

Our store offers the following services:

▪ Door Installation
▪ House Painting (Interior/Exterior)
▪ Ceiling Fans Installed
▪ Gutters Installed/Cleaned
▪ New Fences/Fences Repaired
▪ Broken Windows Repaired
▪ New Replacement Windows
▪ Carpentry
▪ Window Screens
▪ Locks Replaced
▪ Dry Rot Repair
▪ Drywall Repair/Install
▪ Tile Repair/Installation
▪ Roof Repairs
▪ Christmas Lights

We offer FREE written estimates.

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